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OSHC Thesaurus


A disease or physical disorder or complaint of a chronic, acute or mild nature.


An amount of money the insurance provider will pay to you or on your behalf for approved expenses incurred by you in accordance with your OSHC.


The amount you must contribute towards a claim. It is the difference between the amount payable under the Medicare Benefits Schedule and the amount actually charged for the medical service.

Contribution  for Pharmaceutical Prescription

The co-payment you are required to pay, by law, towards the cost of a prescription before the insurance provider start to calculate the benefits.

Hospital same day servicesMinor medical, surgical or diagnostic treatment provided in a registered hospital or medical centre, which does not require you to be confined in a hospital overnight.


A patient whose care requires a stay in a hospital.

Leave of Absence or LOAIf you leave Australia for a period of greater than 30 days, you can apply to have your OSHC extended for the period you were away. These additional days will be added to the end of your policy date.

Medicare Benefit Schedule or MBSMBS is a Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) publication which is updated regularly. This contains information on professional services (services provided by doctors, optometrists and eligible allied health professionals) covered by Medicare.

OutpatientA patient who is not hospitalsed but instead is cared for elsewhere,such as in a doctor's office, clinic, or day surgery centre.

Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHCOSHC is the insurance that is catered for international students who are a holder of a student visa or AusAID defence visa.
It provides cover for the costs of most medical services and prescription drugs, hospital care and emergency ambulance transport.

Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme or PBS

The PBS schedule lists all of the medicines available to be dispensed to patients at a Government-subsidised price.
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Schedule Fee

The amount as determined from time to time by the Australian Government and listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule as the standard fee for a certain treatment or service.