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ALO Responsibilities

Many people help make the Australian Scholarships program at the ANU a success, and all have different responsibilities. See below for the responsibilities applicable to you.

Student Responsibilities

  • Remain a full-time student, achieve satisfactory academic progress and satisfy program requirements.
  • Participate in all activities associated with the approved program of study. This includes, for example, attending lectures and tutorials, submitting assessment, and sitting examinations.
  • Remain in your original program of study. You cannot transfer between programs without AusAID approval. No approval will be given to upgrade degrees (except perhaps for upgrade from Bachelor’s degree to an Honours degree).
  • Research Students must complete academic progress reports when distributed by the AusAID Liaison Office, and return them, signed, as soon as possible. These reports contain important information on your scholarship progress.
  • Follow all conditions of the AusAID Student Visa and ensure this is valid at all times.
  • Work only as permitted by the conditions of your student visa. AusAID strongly advises students not to work during term time, and any employment undertaken should not impinge on study. If you do plan to work you can apply online for a tax file number from the Australian Tax Office. For more information, see What is the procedure if I want to apply for work? in the FAQs section.
  • Update personal contact details on ISIS. It is a visa requirement that you must always have your current Australian address listed; please also ensure you include any phone numbers and alternative email addresses so that our office can easily contact you.
  • Advise the AusAID Liaison Office if you or your family arrives in, or departs from, Australia.
  • If there is any matter that is likely to affect your ability to complete by your award end-date you must advise the AusAID Liaison Office as soon as possible.
  • Upon completion of your studies you must return to home country for a period of two years. You must depart Australia prior to the expiry of your visa or within 30 days of the official release of results (coursework students) or submission of thesis (research students). You will only receive CLE for up to five days after results are released or your thesis is submitted. This often means you leave Australia before the end-date of your aware and before the end-date of your visa.

AusAID Liaison Office Responsibilities

  • Manage the contractual, financial and administrative arrangements with regard to AusAID awardees.
  • Organise arrival, orientation, Introductory Academic Programs, and going home programs.
  • Administer all variations to awards including placements, suspensions, extensions, transfers and terminations, in consultation with students, supervisors and AusAID.
  • Monitor academic progress by maintaining effective liaison with supervisors and other academic staff, completing biannual reports, holding follow-up monitoring programs and reporting to AusAID accordingly.
  • Provide support for students in relation to all areas of personal and cultural adjustment, health and welfare.

Academic Program Area Responsibilities

  • Assess each application carefully and ensure a best course and academic fit for the student.
  • At time of offer, if appropriate, indicate need for bridging or training courses prior to commencement of award course.
  • At time of offer list any course specific extra costs (for example fieldwork requirements).
  • Monitor student's academic progress to help ensure that the course/award end dates will be met.
  • Inform the AusAID Liaison Office early of major issues affecting the student's academic progress or welfare.