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Monday 11 July 2005

ANU media release

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Top universities to form strategic partnership

Presidents of eight leading universities from the Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States have signed a Memorandum to create a powerful new global university partnership.

This new partnership will comprise The Australian National University (ANU), ETH Zurich, National University of Singapore, Peking University (PKU), University of California, Berkeley, University of Copenhagen, The University of Tokyo and Yale University. Discussions are continuing with the University of Oxford and one other leading university has been approached. The membership will be limited to ten for the first three years after which additional members may be added to widen geographic representation.  

The Chairman (pro tem) of the partnership is Professor Ian Chubb, Vice-Chancellor and President of The Australian National University. Professor Chubb will hold office until January 2006 when the partnership will be officially launched.

Speaking on behalf of the members, Professor Chubb said, “The partnership comprises a selected group of research-intensive universities that share similar values, a global vision and a commitment to educating future world leaders.  

“The partnership will be deep: the level of trust, understanding and compatibility between the partners allows for substantial and meaningful engagement to occur. 

“At the same time, the partnership will be broad: a wide range of teaching and research possibilities are now open to us that will be better than any single one of us could provide on our own. 

“Finally, the partnership will be influential: the quality of the universities involved is beyond dispute, as is their commitment to benefit humankind through the education of leaders with the global vision, tolerance and empathy with different cultures so necessary in the world today. Combine those educational objectives with top quality and shared research that addresses many of the huge issues that confront us wherever we live on this planet and the benefits will flow way beyond the usual range.”

The partnership will bring new opportunities for research, teaching and learning that is truly global in scope, through some combination of faculty collaboration and exchange, research training cooperation, undergraduate and postgraduate student exchange, joint/double degree programmes, exchange of best practices and protocols, and benchmarking.

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